To bring us together, to bring you together, around musical creation and the world of whisky, to introduce you to these fields through meetings, conferences, concerts, tasting initiations and master classes.

Embracing one or other of these passions is already full of lessons, so embracing both together will provide magnificent experiences. Epicureans will be the first to understand us. But don’t we all dream of being epicureans?

Discover the art of tasting, gather around an exceptional glass, revel in the sound of pop or soul music, share the experience of a cellar master or a master blender, listen to a whisky critic or a journalist specializing in folk music…

Exchange, compare, debate, learn, vibrate. We invite you to experience these fascinating worlds in a convivial, moderate and harmonious atmosphere… And all in a magical setting steeped in history.

France’s first Palais des Congrès now boasts a new modular scenography complete with the latest technological innovations – Giant 4k screen, Laser video projector, ( robotized lighting, L-acoustics sound diffusion systems…) to push back the limits of event organization and make life easier for users.

Fully privatizable, the venue offers its customers a wide range of spaces, from a large central amphitheater to numerous functional meeting rooms and customized areas.

It is ideally located on the Place d’Armes, opposite the château, 15 minutes from Paris.

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An event revolving around the world of whisky and music, in a bright and welcoming setting, a chic and refined showcase.

An extraordinary place

Designed by architect Pierre-Edouard Lambert in 1963, Versailles Palais des Congrès is the perfect setting for the festival.

The context

The world of whisky is ancient, vast and incredibly diverse. It is rich and constantly expanding.

The origins of the festival

To bring us together, to bring you together, around musical creation and the world of whisky.

The festival

Discover the art of wine tasting, gather around an exceptional glass of wine to the sound of pop, soul,...

The discovery of whisky and

France, the world’s leading consumer of Scotch whisky. To make whisky, you need cereals, spring water, wood, time and a lot of know-how. And this is the case in France. Today, there are over 100 distilleries in France.

Versailles is associated with an image of luxury and splendor close to the world of Whisky. The Palais des Congrès is no exception, with its Art Deco interior design reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.

The world of whisky is ancient, vast and incredibly diverse. It’s rich and constantly expanding. Just like the world of musical creation.

Supplementing the four sensations of tasting (visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory) with that of hearing seemed to us to be original and above all innovative, because it was untapped. The aim of the Festival is to combine the ear with the palate, taste with hearing.