An event based around whisky and music!

To make whisky, you need cereals, spring water, wood, time and a lot of know-how, and that’s what France has. France is the world’s leading consumer of Scotch whisky, and now boasts more than 100 distilleries!

Versailles is associated with an image of luxury and splendour close to the world of whisky. The Palais des Congrès is no exception, with its Art Deco interior design reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.

The world of whisky is ancient, vast and incredibly diverse. It is rich and constantly expanding. Just like the world of musical creation.

Supplementing the four sensations of tasting (visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory) with that of hearing seemed to us to be original and above all innovative because it was untapped. The aim of the Festival is to combine the ear with the palate, taste with hearing…



Tasting allows you to experiment, analyse and appreciate the organoleptic characteristics and olfacto-gustatory stimuli of one or more whiskies. Form your own opinion and share it with others.

Master classes

Whether in the field of music or spirits, a master class is a course where you can improve your knowledge and exchange experiences with an expert. It’s an opportunity for enthusiasts to discover different, surprising and sometimes rare whiskies, and to learn more about them in a small, intimate setting.


There are three types of person when it comes to whisky: the hater, the curious and the enthusiast. Whatever your feelings, this initiation will enable you to position yourself, acquire knowledge and experience new sensations. You’ll discover the essential basics of the world of this astonishing and diverse beverage.